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The main emphasis of the Cognitive Enhancement & Ergonomics profile lies on translating cognitive psychological theory into practice. Besides academic (research) collaborations, we are always open for collaborative projects with an applied emphasis. 


Current external collaborators are, amongst others:


Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR; Aviation)

Air traffic control the Netherlands (LVNL) and various airlines (Air traffic control)

Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN; Marine navigation)

TNO (Applied cognitive ergonomics)

Rijkswaterstaat (Road traffic, Decision making)

SWOV institute for road traffic safety (Traffic safety)

Onderzoeksraad voor de veiligheid (Incident analysis)

Various internet companies (Usability, Human computer interaction)

Various game designers (Serious games, Game training)

Leiden University Medial Centre (Optimizing the medical curriculum)

Police and law (Decision making in a legal context)


Do you want to know more about collaboration possibilities? Contact one of our researchers!

Do rebels grow up to be kinder adults?


The brain regions that are responsible for both risky behavior and empathy and 'prosocial' behavior are developing rapidly in adolescence. By taking MRi scans and surveying 200 children and 200 adolescents...

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Why you can't stop checking your phone


Suppose you abide by the new no smartphone while cycling law and you keep your phone safely in your pocket. One minute passes. Five minutes pass. But then, almost automatically, your hand...

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The constant struggle against itchy skin


One out of seven pople in the Netherlands suffer from uncontrollable itchy skin, every single day. More and more scientists are interested in the effects. one of those professors is...

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Sugars or sweeteners?


  Are you craving something sweet? You better take a regular coke than a cola light. Your brain responds beter to sugars than to sweeteners. That is the conclusion of researcher...

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What obesity does to your brain


  A study that collected MRI scans of thousands of people of different sizes found those carrying dangerous amounts of weight have 'smaller volumes of important structures of the brain'. The...

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Hearing the sound of your own voice - why so different?


Have you ever heard a recording of your own voice and thought: is that really my voice? If so, you are not the only one. How can it be though...

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A special headset to help you sleep better - dream or realit…


Een speciale headset die via elektrodes je hersenen helpt ‘herprogrammeren’. Zo'n ‘slaapmuts’ kan volgens onderzoeksinstituut Brainclinics in Nijmegen een simpele oplossing bieden bij slaapproblemen. A special headset that helps your brain...

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What do you choose: stairs or escalator?


Knowing that something is the healthiest choice, doesn't always mean that you actually make that choice. What are our decisions based on? That's what researchers of the Leiden Institute of...

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Can snow be a trigger for migraine?


  What triggers a migraine attack? Can migraine be triggered by weather changes? Or by bright sunlight reflected from snow? Those questions were answered by neurology professor Michael Ferrari of Leiden University in the NRC's...

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