Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with various forms of tissue and nerve damage. This cluster entails programmes focusing on pain treatment and nerve and spine surgery.

The following LCTN programmes participate:

Acute and Chronic Pain

Principal investigators:  Prof. dr A. Dahan, Dr M. Niesters, Dr M. van Velzen, and Prof. dr L. Aarts | Anesthesiology

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Despite the availability of various treatment options (such as opioids and local anesthetics) a large number of chronic pain syndromes  (eg., neuropathic pain or pain related to nerve damage), are difficult to treat. 

Research on acute and chronic pain focuses on 1) mechanisms involved in pain and its perception, 2) pharmacological treatment, 3) endogenous pain modulation and 4) chronification of pain.

Studies are performed in volunteers, perioperative patients and chronic pain patients (incl. patients with fibromyalgia, diabetes, and sarcoidosis).

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Principal investigators: Dr P.J. Voorham – van der Zalm, Dr H.W. Elzevier, Prof. dr A.A.B. Lycklama à Nijeholt | Urology

Our research in the Pelvic Floor & Sexuality Research Group Leiden is focused on bladder/urethral/pelvic floor (dys) function, sexual (dys) function in men and women and on andrological aspects. With regard to neuro-anatomy and neuro physiology, a close relationship exists between those (dys)functions.

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