Psychiatric problems in children and adults form an increasing medical and social problem in the present day society. We focus on clinical and epidemiological research in child and adult to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Child psychiatry

Principal investigators: Prof.dr R.R. Vermeiren, Dr O. Colins, Dr N.D.J. van Lang, Dr E.A. Mulder, Dr M.T. Markus, Dr C.G. Reichart, Dr A.M. Fredriks | Child Psychiatry

The main aim of the child psychiatry research program is to optimize the identification of children in need of psychiatric care, and to monitor the effect of intervention longitudinally. Because psychological conditions related to psychiatric disorders may not always be visible or measurable by means of traditional instruments, innovative assessment methods must be developed, including neuro-imaging with focus on social perspective taking and emotion regulation.

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Adult psychiatry

Principal investigators: Prof.dr N.J.A. van der Wee, Prof.dr R.C. van der Mast, Prof.dr A.M. van Hemert, Dr E.J. Giltay, Dr T. van Veen | Psychiatry

Our research focusses on the symptoms, neurobiology and treatment of Mood-Anxiety and Somatoform Disorders across the lifespan and the relation with the stress system. We have chosen a dimensional, developmental and interdisciplinary approach.

Our research is embedded in the LUMC-broad medical research profiles ‘Translational Neuroscience’ ‘Aging’ and ‘Imaging’ and we participate in the university research theme ‘Health across the human lifecycle’ and the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition.

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